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Personal Profiles

About the founder and key practitioner: Fay Frazer


Background and Qualifications

Fay has been sharing, and helping to bring exciting and stimulating teaching practices since leaving the newspaper and television advertising sector in 1985 and gaining a BSc [Hons] in English and Psychology at the University of Ulster [UK], with a diploma in English Language Studies [OU] and a diploma in Teaching and Learning in Adult Basic Education [OCR].


In her ongoing commitment to learning she gained her D32/33 Assessors Award [OCR], ICT in Teaching and Learning in the Classroom [City and Guilds] and A Linguistic Phonics Certification [BELB]


Living in Northern Ireland as it came out of its troubled past, she spent many years teaching and delivering training to young adults, parents wanting to come back to learning, prisoners in jail, young offenders on remand, hospital based education and more recently people from Europe, Asia and Africa settling in Northern Ireland.


More recently Fay has been working in the development of training programmes and educational development as a:


> Principle Moderator for Essential Skills Literacy within CCEA [one of the UK's examination bodies], developing training seminars for tutors and teachers from various sectors


>  Professional Educational Consultant for LTAS, a company delivering professional

   development workshops on 'Effective Practice in Learning and Teaching of Literacy'

   involving teachers from all over Europe


> Educational Consultant for Department of Employment and Learning, part of the UK

  Government, evaluating and reviewing the Adult Literacy Core Curriculum.


> Developer of new courses in Linguistic Phonics teacher training programmes and

  Essential Skills English


> Accreditation Developer of assessment units for Essential Skills Entry Level, for UK

  awarding bodies, CCEA, OCN and City and Guilds


> Teacher Trainer for UK Gov Department of Employment and Learning, delivering workshops on the Adult Literacy Core Curriculum

'exciting and stimulating teaching practices'